• Minimum age 12
  • Minimum of 10 kids
  • Outdoor
  • Party


At our location in Amsterdam, we will organize a complete Survivor adventure for your birthday party. You will make a flag, come up with a yell and face three challenges: The Fire Trial, the Monkeyswing, and the Water Trial. In the beginning, you will make teams of 5-8 people competing against each other. A supervisor will always be present to explain and supervise all the trials.


For this activity applies

  • Includes host, Dutch- and English-speaking
  • Minimum of 10 kids
  • Including a bag of chips & unlimited lemonade
  • A table for the party
  • You may bring your own birthdaycake. Other self-brought refreshments are not allowed.

Sample program of birthday party HIEP

  • arrival
  • unwrap presents, eat cake and free lemonade
  • Survivor
  • free bag of chips and lemonade

The Survivor trials

Fire Trial

Teams must grab and place the puzzle pieces on the correct stair step. At the top of the stairs is a treasure chest with a combination lock that puzzling can open. In the treasure chest are all the supplies the team needs to make a cold fire with a flint. The team that burns through the rope first wins!

Water Trial

The goal is to zigzag the water from the barrel to a tube. When this tube is complete, a code floats to the surface. You can then use this code to open a treasure chest. Inside this treasure chest is a puzzle. The team that solves this puzzle first wins!


Memorize a code with symbols as best you can while completing an active course. Swing to the other side on a rope and score as many points as possible by throwing a ball at the target. With this, collect all the puzzle blocks and place the code in the correct order. The team that memorizes the code best wins!

Price Survivor birthday party

Survivor birthday party HIEP

  • 2,25 hours
  • 10

22,95 p.p. Excl. VAT (25,02 incl. VAT)

Survivor birthday party HIEP with kids menu

  • 2,5 hours
  • 10

31,67 p.p. Excl. VAT (34,52 incl. VAT)