• Outdoor
  • Party
  • Rock on
  • From 6


Play together with your team against the other team and try to eliminate the opponent! Or play 1v1 and see who can call themselves the best of the field! The laser game children’s party will take place in our very own location The lasergame activity in Amsterdam-West. Here we have a special super cool lasergame arena’s which is fitted with objects to hide behind or hide yourself from enemy gunfire. Who will be victorious, the red team or the blue team? Compete against each other and secure the Victory Royale!

Children’s party Amsterdam has 3 lasergame arenas. The youngest kids, 6-8 years old play in the 'Jungle'. The bigger ones, UP to 12 children they play either in the Military training Area or Radioactive Area. If the group is larger than 12 kids, the two arenas are merged into 1 very large arena. This is of course only possible if both arenas are not booked.

This kids birthday party includes

  • Includes host
  • From 6 children
  • 2 to 3 hours (depending on the chosen children’s party)
  • Including bag of chips & unlimited lemonade
  • Your own table for the party
  • Excluding cake, you can bring your own. Other self-brought drinks and food is not allowed.
  • From 6 years old

Example program kids birthday party HIP HIP

  • arrival
  • presents and eating cake
  • free lemonade
  • lasergame
  • free bag of chips and lemonade
  • second activity of your choice
  • free lemonade

Arena military training

The Wolves are a special force team. You are part of a training program of the American special forces. Now it’s your job to get into this team, but only the best can enter the Wolves. You are split into two teams; Team Red and Team Blue. Which team will win the practice mission and will be allowed to call themselves part of the Wolves after today.

The Jungle

Wow, what a cool arena! Built especially for kids ages 6-8, the kids will compete with each other with the special LaserPlay guns. You can play in teams or free for all. Who will come up with the best tactics and leave the arena as Kings of the Jungle?

Arena radioactive area

Team Red is an organization that is creating a zombie virus. Team Blue is a special force team that found out about this organization through a spy and has planned an arrest at the camp. Can team blue stop team red in time before a zombie virus breaks out? Or is team red too strong and are they pushing back team blue too far? GO GO GO!

Price lasergame kids birthday party

- 1 activity of 1 hour
- 1 activity of 0,5 hour (HIP HIP)
- Free unlimited lemonade
- Free bag of chips

Lasergame kids birthday party HIP

  • 2 hour
  • 6

22,95 p.p. Excl. VAT (25,02 incl. VAT)

Lasergame kids birthday party HIP HIP

  • 2,5 hour
  • 6

37,91 p.p. Excl. VAT (41,32 incl. VAT)